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Beginners Course Content

The Beginners Spanish Course for Holidays covers two main areas: ‘About you’ and when ‘On your holidays’.

1) About you…you will learn how to:

Introduce yourself
Make basic greetings eg how are you?
Reply with various responses eg very well
Explain what you do for a living
Say where you live,
Talk about your family

2) On your holiday… you will learn how to:

Buy train/bus tickets or book a cab
Check into a hotel
Ask for directions
Request a table at a restaurant
Order food and drinks
Ask for the bill
Tell the time
Count to 100

And much much more!

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Improvers Course Content

The Improvers Spanish Course covers three main areas: ‘Describing Things, Yourself and Others’, ‘Expressing Past and Future Plans’ and ‘Following Instructions’.

1) Describing Things, Yourself and Others

Expanding Vocabulary Through Verb Endings
Stem-changing Verbs
Parts of the Body
Days of the Week, Months, Date (Numbers 0-10000)
Seasons, Weather and Present Tense Expressions
Understanding Reflexive Verbs
Describing Your Outfit
Clothes, Colours and Shapes
Describing through Essential Adjectives
Describing yourself (Verbs “To Be”, “To Have” and “To Wear”)
Expressing Actions in Progress (Verb “To Be + ING verb / Gerund”)

2) Expressing Past and Future Plans

Expressing Past Actions Through Preterite Tense
How to Express When was the Last Time You Did Something and Expression Ago
Preterit Tense Expressions
Expressing Future Actions Using the Expression “I am going to” or “I want” + Infinitive Verbs
Future Tense Expressions

3) Following Instructions

Following Instructions (Imperative Tense)
Understanding Instructions for Use
Following a Recipe
Grammar; Most Useful Verbs; Essential Phrases and Vocabulary

And much much more!!!

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