Would you like to be able to communicate in Spanish when on Holidays?

Spanish Lessons London is a fun, interactive way to get started in Spanish.

If you have been thinking for some time that you would like to learn Spanish, perhaps you have a holiday coming up or maybe you just like the idea of learning a new language. Taking Spanish classes in a group environment is for sure the most cost-effective way of picking up Spanish.

Our 6-week program held at St Edmunds Hall, 9 Village Way in Beckenham will give you the foundations necessary for holding a basic conversation in Spanish.

If you are about to go on holiday to a Spanish speaking country and are feeling nervous about how you will communicate, then don’t worry, our beginners course will give you all you need to know to get you through your holiday.

You have an opportunity to give it a try for FREE at our Taster Class.

Overcome your Fear of Speaking Spanish
When on Holiday!

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