Review of ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer, 120 Volt

The Esteam Personal Handheld Steamer is a valuable companion on your travelling trips. It’s a powerful steamer which effective removes wrinkles without ironing. It’s easy to operate and about thrice more powerful than other portable steamers in the market.

The steamer carries 8 ounces of plain tap water and runs a 600 watt heating element which heats water in a minute. Once heated, it steams continuously for 15 minutes per filling. It’s compact in design, lightweight and perfect to carry around and use in places where space is a constraint.

Fits practically any suitcase

The Esteam personal handheld steamer is made in USA and though it’s powerful, is so small enough to fit any suitcase. The steamer is rather durable, thanks to its high-impact plastic cover and design. It’s only 2 pounds in weight, and measures 5×6.5×11 inches.

Straighten wrinkled clothes in minutes

The Esteam is just right for removing creases on clothes on time for your meeting! Just fill up its 8 ounce tank and switch it on. It starts steaming in just 1-2 minutes but gives you sufficient steam for 15 minutes. More than enough to straighten creases!

No damage to your formal clothes

Instead of risking your clothes getting damaged using the hotel iron to give your professional wear a dry clean look, let your Esteam steamer do the work. It gives a professional look to your clothes so that you look dashing at the special event you’d travelled so far to attend.

Perfect to use in restricted spaces

This portable handheld steamer is not only a handy travelling companion, it’s also perfect to use in places with limited space. The Jiffy Esteamer solves the problem if space is a problem and you can’t set up an ironing board to iron clothes, like in apartments and dorm rooms.

In such cases you can depend on a standard outlet to provide the steaming power to the Jiffy steamer to use to steam clothes hanging on a hanger in minutes. Its compact size makes storing the steam cleaner in a drawer or closet shelf when not in use.


  • Strong outer pink or black plastic cover for added durability
  • Has 9 foot power cord for added flexibility
  • Heats water up within a minute
  • Provides steam for 15 minutes
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Made in USA with a 600 watt heating element-thrice more power than other models
  • Holds 8 ounces of water in a wide-mouthed, easy to fill water tank
  • Perfect to use while travelling and where space is a constraint
  • Has an auto-off feature which prevents overheating and risk of a fire
  • Has various adapters for international use


  • It’s 120V power is fit for north American users only
  • No on/off switch; so it may use steam even when the idle
  • A bit bigger than its other handheld garment steamer counterparts
  • No continuous steam
  • Produces large, sporadic water spurts which leaves wet spots on clothes
  • Some complain it doesn’t straighten wrinkles from cotton clothes

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