Memory foam body pillow review

Memory foam body pillow reviewSleep is very important as you spend practically a third of your life sleeping. You need to make sure you spend this time comfortably with the right pillows, manufactured to suit your resting needs. One such pillow is the memory foam body pillow which comes with a superior design and is not at all like the conventional pillow you find in the market.

These pillows are usually manufactured using shredded foam technology wherein the pillow can be customized as per your resting needs. As it’s made of shredded foam technology, it’s automatically considered a hypoallergenic which is dust mite resistant and helps prevent infections. (source

The pillow offers optimal support to your neck and head by adjusting itself to your body contours and shape which best suits you. So if you tend to toss and turn while sleeping or have back or neck pain, a memory foam body pillow may just be what the doctor prescribes for a well-deserved rest at night.

Explicit features

There are a few key features which make a memory foam body pillow so unique.

  • Density

These pillows are available in various shapes, sizes and densities. The low-density pillows are rather malleable and quickly adapt to your body but provide less support. The high-density pillows give more support but need time to get used to as they offer some initial resistance. Good sleepers like a low to medium density pillow for it’s added comfort while those having trouble sleeping because of back or neck pains generally opt for a high-density pillow.

  • Durability and warranty

Pillows from a reputable manufacturer are always a better choice as they come with a certificate of excellence and are usually more durable in structure. As these pillows are resilient in structure, they can easily be used for a maximum of 5 years without any noticeable wear and tear.

Consequently, pillows with a 3-year warranty are good; but 5-year warranties are even better. Moreover, it’s the reputable manufacturers who offer 5-year guarantee, signifying a high-quality product.

  • Allergy-free

As these pillows are made using materials which are not natural in origin, pillows made of only high-quality materials are always a better choice. The hypoallergenic varieties give you a good night’s sleep without any worry of mites and such, and is definitely a better buy for people who suffer from allergies. Moreover, it’s safer sharing hypoallergenic pillows with close family members as it’s less susceptible to pests and dirt they offer better breathability.

  • Hygiene

Besides offering added comfort, memory foam body pillows are hygienic to use as they are machine washable. You just have to place it in the machine and you can wash it with some detergent after letting it sit for a few minutes. Unlike other pillows which lose their fluffiness after a wash, nothing happens to memory foam pillows.

The pillow is lightweight in design, making it convenient to carry around wherever you go, including holidays, camping and travelling. So considering all these aspects, it looks like a memory foam body pillow gives you better rest so that you wake up feeling refreshed for the next day’s activities. It’s uniquely designed unlike conventional pillows and rather comfortable for pregnant women too.

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